Neil Gresham
Rock World Tour
Ho Chi Minh, 7c+, Vietnam (1st Ascent)
There are over 3000 limestone islands in the Ha Long bay region of Vietnam and we hardly scratched the surface in our two week quest to explore them. It's unusual to spend an entire climbing trip on a boat, but then it's unusual to do over 40 new routes without using a rope. It seemed pointless to mess around with a drill when we'd just found Deep Water Soloing paradise. Ho Chi Minh crosses the ceiling of a remarkable stalactite infested through-cave and I climbed it from the bottom up, over two days of effort. Take plenty of pairs of rock shoes and chalk if you go to Ha Long Bay and watch out for pirates - there are more of them in this part of the South China Sea than any other of the World's oceans!

Ho Chi Minh, 7c+
Ho Chi Minh, 7c+
Photo: Mike Robertson