Neil Gresham
Rock World Tour
Minaret, E8 6c, Halle, (2nd ascent)
Not everyone understands the British style of trad climbing. But top young Swedish climber Richard Ekehed is one who was seduced by our gritstone crags when he visited in 1997. He returned home to establish a similarly bold creation at a granite crag near Gothenburg, but was horrified when it was threatened with retro-bolting unless it was repeated soon. A reconnaissance team of like-minded Brits went out there to the rescue and ended up saving Minaret from the clutches of the evil sport climbers! Being a top pitch, this is the first and only climb of its kind that I've done which features a potential factor 2 fall. We calculated that the belayer would need to jump off from the stance in order to save the leader from hitting the ground from nearly 100 feet!
Minaret, E8 6c
Minaret, E8 6c
Photo: Gresham Col.