Neil Gresham
Rock World Tour
Richard Ger, E3 5b
With temperatures of -40 C in winter and +40 C in summer, mosquitos that can kill cattle, a diet of gristly mutton and rancid milk and the threat of bubonic plague, Mongolia doesn't jump out as the most obvious place to go for a relaxing climbing trip. But a rumour that there might be climable gritstone there was enough to set the wheels in motion. We found some amazing granite domes in the first few days of our trip and spent the rest of our time finding nothing whatsoever apart from vast open plains and isolated nomadic tribal dwellings. We learned to ride camels and catch fish with the locals but we certainly didn't further out grit climbing skills. A geology collection we saw on the last day revealed a perfect gritsone sample so it would seem that the truth is still out there.
Richard Ger, E3 5b
Richard Gherr E3 5b
Photo: Mike Robertson