Neil Gresham
Rock World Tour
Kalymnos 2009
Chameleon, F8a, (1st ascent)

Kalymnos just keeps revealing more amazing new lines and my spree of new routes in November and December 09 are some of my favourites to date. Details are given below:

Valley of the Dolls F8a+, 30m *** (Nov 09)
Extension to Dolonas at sector Illiada.

Carnivore F7c, *** 28m (Dec 09)
Wall to the right of St.Savas at Jurassic Park

Raptor F8a, **** 30m (Nov 09)
Wild steep wall to the right of Calinycta Mer at Jurassic Park.

Atlantis F8b, **** 30m (Dec 09)
Another super-steep line through the main cave, just to the right of Rendez with Platon at Jurassic Park

Chameleon F8a, *** + 15m (Nov 09)
Extension to Monbatcha at sector Spartacus.

Ares F7b+, *** + 15m (Nov 09)
Extension to Les Amazones at Spartacus.

The Shield F7b, *** 30m (Nov 09)
The dark grey streak up the vertical wall, just to the right of the main cave at Spartacus.

Chameleon 8a, 1st ascent
Chameleon 8a, 1st ascent
Photo: Szymon Dziukiewicz