Neil Gresham
Ice World Tour
Montmerancy falls, WI 3, Quebec
Few ice climbs come with the novelty value of Montmerancy falls. For a start, they are a short bus ride from the city centre of Quebec, which makes them the perfect hangover cure after a night on the town. Secondly, they can be climbed at any time of day or night owing to the spectacular floodlights that illuminate them. And finally they can be climbed at whatever grade you want, depending on which line you take. But however or whenever you climb them, the deafening thunder of the falls will remain in your ears the spray will keep stinging your eyes, long after the ascent is complete.
Montmerancy falls, WI 3
Photo: Ian Parnell
Mr.Hyde, M8, Pont Rouge (onsight)
If playing hop-scotch from rock to ice is your thing then Pont Rouge in Quebec is your crag. Mr.Hyde was a whacky journey through tremendously varied terrain; but watch out for the rock at this crag - it's less stable than the ice!
Mr.Hyde, M8
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Photo: Ian Parnell