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1-to-1 Coaching
1-to-1 coaching with Neil Gresham

Neil is now based in the north of England and uses the Kendal Wall as his base for 1-to-1 coaching. He can also travel to other walls in the north and makes occasional visits to London to run sessions. His hourly rates for 1-to-1 coaching are £70 in the north and £90 in London (or £100 in the north and £120 in the south for small groups, sized 2 - 4 people). Neil also runs an online personalised training programme service for those who are unable to access his 1-to-1 coaching. See this site for more info.

1-to-1 Coaching
Photo: Karl Gregory

What to expect:

A typical 1-to-1 session will involve an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and your coach will examine everything from your technique and mental performance to your strength and endurance. They will then outline your best strategy to make improvements. A one-off consultation can work well or you may decide to meet again for regular check-up sessions. Your coach will issue you with an outline training programme, but a more detailed programme can be arranged for an additional fee.

1-to-1 Coaching
Photo: Karl Gregory
Payment and meeting up:

Please do not attempt to pay the wall for the session. If you are not a member of the wall then you may need to pay a standard entry fee (please discuss this with your coach prior to the session). We usually ask for payment at the end of the session, either by cheque or cash, or we can send you our bank details in advance. No deposit is required and there is no cancellation fee unless you cancel on the day (in which case the fee is half the price of the session). The cafe usually provides the best meeting place, but you may wish to arrange to meet elsewhere at the climbing wall.

Should you warm-up first?

Please don’t warm-up before your first session, but you are advised to warm-up before subsequent sessions.

Information we require from you:

Please let us know the following details about your climbing in order to save time at the start of the session:

  • Name:
  • Telephone number:
  • Age:
  • Town of residence:
  • Year you started climbing:
  • Brief climbing synopsis including personal bests:
  • Current onsight grade indoors:
  • Current bouldering grade indoors:
  • Perceived strengths & weaknesses:
  • Future goals:
  • Do you have any current injuries?
  • Regular climbing wall:
  • Current average number of climbing / training sessions per week:
  • Do you have a fingerboard at home?
  • What you would most like to get from the session?
  • Any other relevant info:

Please be assured that we hold all personal information in the strictest confidence and never pass any information to 3rd parties.